Newbie Yoga

Do names of yoga poses like downward dog, half locust and cow face confuse you? I know how you feel. More and more people are asking: What is this thing called yoga? At first it seems extremely complicated. There is yoga for pregnancy, fertility, partner yoga, yoga for kids and that does not even cover the yoga styles. Even more surprising, I have heard of yoga injuries that people have had. But yoga is a stretching and strengthening program for your body, which can help reduce stress, slow down the aging process and even strengthen your immune system! I created this site to make things simple for you yoga newbies out there, just like me.

For those who are interested in the various types of yoga poses, there are easy to follow pictures and explanations. We have basic yoga poses, chair poses as well as accompanying pictures. I am not a yoga instructor (and not a contortionist) but, I will be interviewing yoga instructors in various styles of yoga and will be posting them on the yoga masters blog from time to time so check back often!

If you are interested in stylish yoga clothes. I have a created a gallery of yoga clothes from a variety of international designers. If you have any yoga clothes that have worked really well for you, you can submit a picture in the yoga poses gallery, where you can create your own page of cool yoga poses and gear.

For those who love history and want to know how yoga came about and evolved in the West, you can start your journey with yoga history. There you will also find the original types of yoga.

If you want to know a little more about me and why I have chosen to do daily yoga at home, click about me to find out more.

Meditation and yoga go hand-in-hand (see yoga history to find out why). If you would like to learn to meditate the best place to start is the page how to meditate for beginners where you will find all the basics. You can also look at different styles of meditation and the five basic meditation techniques to see which ones are a best fit for you.

Of course I’m always into offering freebies, so there are many places for you to access videos, free downloads and if you sign up for the Newbie Yoga ezine, you’ll get an informative eBook called All You Need to Get Started in Yoga. It’s 40 pages packed full of the answers to questions and concerns that someone new to yoga would have.

I hope you find the answers you’ve been looking for and take the next steps to improving your health with yoga. Enjoy the site!